OXS.eco - ECM System

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OXS.eco advanced and functional enterprise content management system. This is an enterprise billing system that allows to register, manage, store and archive business content (documentation, electronic bills, etc.) providing functional automate electronic flow of documents and payments.  


  • the system can be integrated with SAP-system; 
  • dynamic mechanism of documents and payments registration; 
  • ability to use digital signing; 
  • ability to generate reports; 
  • efficient documents archiving; 
  • ability to customize the scenarios of documents processing and registering; 
  • flexible electronic billing system; 
  • suite for barcodes and QR-codes detection; 
  • ability to import bills in EDIFACT and Kontoauszug formats; 
  • support of full text search of documents; 
  • ability to import documents from .pdf and images; 
  • the system web interface and functions are customizable; 
  • users have an access to the document editing history; 
  • document sharing for registered users and for non-registered users through e-mail invitation; 
  • different channels of documents import: Desktop-importing, FTP, webDAV, e-mail.  

Technologies used:

Java: Java 8, Java EE, Maven, Spring, Hibernate, Velocity, Groovy, JMS, JAXB, JPA, XML/XSL, JUnit, Jnotify, PdfBox, Zxing, Tasman.

JavaScript: Node.js, EcmaScript 6, Express, Socket.IO, Mocha, Grunt, AngularJS, pm2.

Storage: MySQL, MongoDB, Google Datastore, Google Cloud Storage, Redis.

Additional components: Apache Solr, Apache ActiveMQ, Apache Zookeeper.