Iterius - Time Tracking Application

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Iterius is an application for tracking of working hours, tracking time spent on projects and tasks, with the ability to generate reports for each employee / user of the system.



Available features:

- Creation of users with different access rights (user, manager, administrator)

- Creation of teams for a group of users

- Creation of tasks for each user and their integration with different Bug-Tracking systems (with a project or individual tasks)

- Support of flexible settings for each user's working schedule

- Communication with administrator through the request system

- Statistics on hours worked

- Review of team work in real-time

- Various custom reports

- Creation and posting of news

- Multilingual support

- Availability via browser, tablet or smartphone.


Technologies: Yii1.1, jQuery, Bootstrap, HTML5/CSS3, Jira RESTful API, Upwork RESTful API, MySQL