Direct Response Tracker - Marketing Software

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Description: a marketing software solution that lets track, manage, analyze and act upon all aspects of your marketing campaign, whether online or offline or both.


  • Real-time stats, online and offline.
  • Unlimited premium or regular phone numbers.
  • Any number of users, any time, any place.
  • Secure levels with customizable access.
  • Easy to create and distribute reports.
  • Unlimited structure, segmentation and split test capability.
  • Online call centre gives you complete visibility and control.
  • Answer, manage, track, record, monitor, and forward phone calls.
  • Instant visibility on your ROI for each call.
  • PPC with dynamic tracking and better analytics.
  • QR codes automatically generated and tracked.
  • Integration with all leading CRM systems.

Presentation video here

Technologies used: Yii2, Mysql, Jquery, JqueryUI, Bootstrap, Twilio, Google Ads API, Facebook Ads API, Stripe, Google Analytics API, Zapier