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“Cloud” became a very popular term nowadays. Many applications, services and infrastructures become now cloud-based. So what is “cloud”? Why should an average user prefer using cloud instead of usual desktop applications, local server storage and so on?

New long-awaited Java 8 became the main newsmaker of this spring in the world of programming. Date-Time API is one of Java 8 innovations, that is used to deal with time and date and is intended to replace not very successful java.util.Date и java.util.Calendar.

Technical Debt - is a metaphor that is used when we speak about solutions as for architecture, technology and other technical aspects of the project that we put aside for now, but that will have negative influence on project development later. The concept of “dept” is very meaningful here...

We have server application that saves data and receives requests for reading/modification from clients using Java API. Requests are objects of a class that implements certain interface (lets call this class “Request”). Problem may occur when we need to edit Request...

PHPuzzler obfuscator by SMISS

After examination of the existing products we decided to create our own obfuscator which will be as good as big-name counterparts and will take into account downsides of other solutions.