IT Outsourcing

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So you are already outsourcing part or the whole process of your software development. You have a team of developers that you cooperate with. Are you satisfied with the results they show or do you believe they can do more? If you choose second variant, there is something for you to think about. 

Nowadays we speak a lot about great benefits of outsourcing. But is it always so good? Let's have a look at some situation when outsourcing won't bring you any profits and even may cause great harm.

This October Ukraine will host 5th IDCEE conference – gathering for all IT lover from investors and IT companies CTO and CEO to IT bloggers. IDCEE means “Investor's Day Central and Eastern Europe” . The main idea of this meeting is to connect startups with possible investors.  But apart of this IDCEE gathering helps IT minds share ideas and find new inspiration.

Who is Ukrainian programmer? Find out in our new infographics about IT community in Ukraine